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Death? It’s a Journey to Life.	
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“Death is simply the name we have given to the doorway that takes us home.”  —  Bonni

In 1975 Bonni was a young mother, living on a small, eastern farm and expecting her third child. Complications during that pregnancy took her, first to the hospital, and then on the greatest discovery journey of her life: through the veil we call death to a life so incredible she would have...





Book Chapters:  Out-of-Body, Leaving the Earth, Glorious Body -- Wondrous Mind, Re-Union and Forgiveness, Awareness, My Life -- Reviewed, Divine Mother, History and the Future, Promises, Outside of Time...

I am often asked:

 “What’s it like to cheat Death?”   

For me, it meant leaving Real Life and

 re-entering the darkness of Earth-Life.

I didn’t cheat death.

Life cheated me.

It stole me back from Paradise.

— Bonni

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