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Death? It’s a Journey to Life.	
New Book by Bonni J. Burrows
It can change your life . . . Quotations.


Chapter 13...

“...I knew each Being of Light in their true heavenly identity, which is so much more than we can comprehend or describe in Earth-life. To understand, we must be able to fathom the Oneness of everything and everyone...


1          Out-of Body

2          Visiting My Children while Out-of-Body

3          Leaving this Earth

4          Glorious body -- Wondrous Mind

5          Re-Union and Forgiveness

6          Awareness in the Light Realm

7          My Life -- Reviewed

8          Divine Mother ?

9          History and the Future

10        Promises

11        Outside of Time

12        Return to Earth-Realm

13        Did You See Jesus?  Was It God?

14        Lessons from the Light

15        A Short Summary

“Honor my creation Honor all my Children”

“Understand through compassion or you will learn to understand through experience.”  -- Bonni

This profound little book will give encouragement to those soon to embark upon this awesome journey and, hopefully, a measure of comfort to those left behind. —Reverend Howard Storm

Thank you so much for writing “Death? — It’s a Journey to Life!”  I read it, then gave it to my mother who is in a nursing home.  She needs more care than we are able to give her at home due to my own deteriorating health. We were both fearful of dying, but after reading your book, we are both at peace. Everyone wanted to borrow Mom’s copy, so I bought 3 more copies to gift the nursing home reading room.  I just can’t tell you how much your book has meant to everyone.   — Judy S., Springville, UT

I dip my pen deep within my soul to tell you that you have changed my life.  You have made more truth known to me than anyone before you. Thank You.  — Betty F.,  SLC, Utah

My Uncle Tim was only 51 when he had a fatal heart attack last August. He was Mom’s only brother and she has been very depressed ever since.  A friend sent her your book, “Death? –It’s a Journey to Life!” and it has brought her so much hope and comfort.  She now tells me that she knows she will see Tim again.  It’s amazing what this little book has done for her.  Dad and I kept telling her she would see Uncle Tim again, but it took your book to finally get through so she could believe it.  Thank you for bringing my Mom back to us. —Sherry T., Lincoln, Nebraska

My husband and I both heard your radio interview this past Monday morning from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m. on K-STAR radio in Orem. We very much enjoyed hearing part of your story and are anxious to read your book. Please send us the info to order your book.
D. & D.,  Orem, Utah