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Death? It’s a Journey to Life.	
New Book by Bonni J. Burrows
It can change your life . . .

Bonni was born on a small, ‘backwoods’ farm in the Eastern United States at the end of WWII, the third living child of hardworking farm parents. Fourteen months later, her mother gave birth to identical twin girls.  On the farm, she, her sisters and two older brothers grew up without indoor plumbing, electricity, or phone.  Water was carried from a spring in a bucket and food was cooked on a wood stove, winter and summer.

Her father plowed the fields with a mule or horse and her mother washed the family’s clothes on a washboard. The children had very little social interaction outside the family until they were six or seven years old and could go to school.

All the children learned to take their turn reading aloud by the kerosene lamp from the family Bible on long winter evenings

From the time Bonni first entered school, education became the most important thing in her life.  Having been taught to read at home before starting school, she became a voracious book-lover like the rest of her family.

Unfortunately, much of the rural East still held to very Puritan beliefs in the mid-nineteen hundreds so available books were quite down-to-earth.  Consequently, with all her seeking after an education, nothing had prepared Bonni for the life-changing experience that took place in the fall of 1975 and the dramatic changes to her life that followed.

Many people have been inspired and comforted through hearing the story of Bonni’s near death experience.   At this time, she is working on a full length book about that experience, tentatively titled:

“My Journey Through a Doorway Called Death”

No book can hold all I learned on the other side of this life.  I have struggled to find the words to share a shadow of what my soul knows and remind you of a bit of what your soul also knows.