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Death? It’s a Journey to Life.	
New Book by Bonni J. Burrows
It can change your life . . . Chapters.


This is my story; the story of consciously leaving my body and soaring ‘beyond the veil’.

It is the story of having all knowledge made available to me: past, present, and future; and deep spiritual instruction; instruction which would continue to unfold for the rest of my Earth-life. I was shown the difference between true knowledge and “intellectual storage of  facts.”  Only when an experience is lived can a personal knowledge truly exist within each of us.  

In 1975 Bonni was a young mother, living on a small, eastern farm and expecting her third child. Complications during that pregnancy took her, first to the hospital and then on the greatest discovery journey of her life: through the veil we call death to a life so incredible she would have chosen to abandon her beloved husband and children to be able to remain in that realm, her true home — our true home.

   This is the story of Bonni consciously leaving her body and traveling to visit her young sons before exiting this world, entering the light, and being met on the other side by family, loved ones, and her “guardian angels”. It is a story of reunion, forgiveness, and love more powerful than anything known this side of the veil.

Bonni's Story.


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